Tuesday, May 11, 2010

J.Crew, Tommy Ton, and Fashion Moods

First, a round of applause for me. "What for?", you ask. For staying faithful to this practically unknown blog, of course! But wait! It's not totally unknown. Much thanks to the wonderfully fabulous Lee, of "FashionLee" , who blogs about things that are of interest to me.

Second, you must click THIS link. Now. Jak and Jil's Tommy Ton, went down unda (?), to Australian Fashion Week, and just happened to come back with a bucket-load of amazingness, a.k.a, street style photos. Is he trying to make me cry, or something? Because, it may be working. I think I need to move to Australia. Except, if I would ever get to attend Australian Fashion Week, people would pity me, for crying all over the gorgeousness. So on second thought, I'll just stay here in Canada, at least until I can contain myself.

Third, I'm so loving J.Crew right now. You see, I have different fashion moods. While regular folks would have moods like "happy", "sad", or "excited", I might be feeling all Marc Jacobs-y, or I might wake up in the morning feeling like Miu Miu. (You thought I was going to say P-Diddy, didn't you). But these days, I'm feeling oh-so-J.Crew. So, pictures:




There we go. My heart is now content.


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  1. Loving the shorts & pin flowers trend omg <3